5 Love Castle You didn’t know about

Monuments made for love

Love in its truest form is often hard to express, but humans always tend to go after the impossible, to toil for ages in the hope of coming up with the perfect expression of love. Here are a some of the best examples of Love Castle– the most awe inspiring monuments built for love across the world.

DOBROYD CASTLE, West Yorkshire, England

DOBROYD Love CASTLE, West Yorkshire, England

John Fielden, the son of a wealthy industrialist, fell in love with Ruth Stansfield who was a weaver girl in the locality. When he proposed to her, she agreed to marry him on the condition that he should build a Love Castle upon a hill. The result is an impressive edifice with 66 luxurious rooms and a stable for 17 horses in addition to the central tower and four small turrets.

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This monument has quite a tragic back story to it. This happened in the early 1920s when Ed Leedskalnin’s fiancee left him on the day before their wedding. As a testimonial to his undying love for her, he nonetheless built this tribute for her, taking 28 years and God only knows how much money in the process. Another interesting fact is that the castle was built by Leedskalnin on his own, working only in the night-time.



Prince Pajitt and the beautiful Orapima were lovers who planned to get married. However, one day while they were resting in a forest a woodsman murdered Pajitt with an axe and took Orapima away. She was not an average damsel in distress. She took revenge for the killing of her lover by ending the life of the woodsman. Returning to her homeland of Phimai she built the Prasat Hin Phimai with paintings and sculptures depicting scenes from her life with Pajitt inside it. She prayed for the rebirth of her lover. One day, a young man who was fascinated by her handiwork was brought before her. Recognising the spirit of Prajitt, they lived happily ever after.

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Winchester MYSTERY House

This is one house built for the sake of self-love. Sarah Winchester, the widow of the gun magnate William Winchester, believed that she was being haunted by those killed with a Winchester gun. She kept building the castle for 38 years in the hope that as long as she kept at it, the ghosts would leave her alone. The house had mazes, twists and turns and surprising dead ends so that the ghosts would lose their way and never find her.



The Mystery Castle is a Love Castle representing offering from father to her daughter. Boyce Gulley, when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis left his home state of Seattle since he didn’t want his wife and daughter to watch him tricked away to death. With his remaining personal wealth, he bought a mining claim in the foothills of South Mountain and built a castle for his daughter over the next 16 years, using natural materials and abandoned artefacts.

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