5 Spooky Facts About Bermuda Triangle That You Didn’t Know

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a strange triangular area on the Atlantic Ocean where many ships sailing through it or planes flying over it have apparently disappeared without a trace. Here are a few facts about it.


In few of such cases where wrecks could be found, the crew had vanished. Such incidents have been happening for centuries. More than 1,000 ships and planes have disappeared in the Triangle area over the past five centuries and such mysterious incidents on the Atlantic continue to take place even at present days.


The abnormalities on the sea were first noted in 1950 by Edward Jones in the daily newspaper Miami Herald published in Florida. However, the mystery started catching wide-scale attention in 1952 when George Sand wrote in Fate magazine about incidents like Flight-19, a training flight of five torpedo bomber planes, all of which went missing during a routine training session in 1945 and never returned.


Bermuda Triangle is located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States and forms a triangular zone in the Atlantic Ocean. The three corners of the triangle are Miami (in Florida); San Juan (in Puerto Rico); and Bermuda (a north-Atlantic island on which it has been so named). The American author Vincent Gaddis was the first to define this boundary in 1964 in an issue of the magazine named Argosy and called the area ‘The Deadly Bermuda Triangle’. The Bermuda triangle is certainly not fixed and its effect can be experienced outside of the triangle too.

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The disappearances are ascribed to UFO’s and alien activity, the city of Atlantis lost under the triangle, and various other technical, natural and geographical reasons. Whenever any plane or ship disappears in the Triangle, its debris cannot be found. The reason behind this is that Gulf Stream runs near the triangle, which quickly gets rid of the debris.

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Inside the Bermuda Triangle, US Government has AUTEC (for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center), which is located on the Andros Island of Bahamas. Here US Navy tests their submarines, sonar and other weapons. However many are of the view that it is more than just the testing centre. One of the biggest and famous losses of US Military occurred in 1945. Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers flew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a sortie to the island of Bimini. The mission had 14 men. After about 90 minutes, the radio operators received a signal that the compass was not working. After that, the communication was lost. The bombers were never found. The three planes that went for their rescue also disappeared.

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