Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

If you’re a fan of scary occurences, theis article is the perfect one for you! Here are the top five scary movies of all time.


Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a classic horror movie of an innocent little girl possessed by an evil demon and has been captivating audiences since the movie’s release in 1973. You won’t forget the image of the child’s possessed face, her unnatural body positions and the claustrophobic nature of the setting. An ordinary family home adds to the creepiness of the situation. It also helps that the acting is superb. “The Exorcist” is based on the terrifying novel by William Peter Blatty that has spawned a total of five movies. However, none can compare to the original which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards.


Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

This is one of the creepy scary movies which was released in 1982. The speciality of this movie is that might you not think that a movie where the evil is completely faceless could be so terrifying, but in reality that only adds to the scare factor. You are sure to share in the family’s fear as ordinary household objects start to turn against them. Watching it alone will definitely cause even the normal environment of your home to creep you out. The Freeling family live in an idyllic community in California named Cuest Verde. Their peaceful lives are disturbed when strange occurrences begin taking place in their home. The Poltergeist franchise is said to be cursed due to a number of real life deaths that occurred during the making of the films.

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Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

Serial killer Freddy Krueger stalks this Midwestern neighbourhood, bringing terror and even death to teenagers while they thought they were safe in their beds.

Featuring a young Johnny Depp, this movie spread fear across America when it was released in 1984. The sight of Krueger’s deformed face will have you shuddering and disbelieving that such horror can be created using just makeup. What could be scarier than the thought of a monster that comes for you while you sleep? The movie has become a horror classic and continues to terrify audiences regardless of its age. Freddy tops almost every list of scariest movie villains ever made and has become a symbol of terror for many people growing up during the 80s. The children of Elm Street all begin to experience the same nightmare featuring a terrifying figure with razor sharp fingers. After one child is murdered whilst sleeping, the parents slowly begin to realise that a terrible secret from their past is coming back to haunt them through their children.


Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

When talking about Scary movies, Hellraiser has to be on the list. Hellraiser is an extremely weird scary movie. The main character is a skinless man who is accidentally returned from the dead by his brother. He convinces the beautiful young woman who loved him in life to bring him the blood he needs to restore himself fully to life. She obliges by luring men to the house and then murdering them. Once her creepy undead boyfriend is restored to life, that’s when the movie gets really strange. The movie opens with a character named Frank purchasing a mysterious puzzle box from a dealer in Morocco. The box turns out to be far more than he anticipated. Frank is drawn into a nightmarish world that soon begins to affect other members of his family.


Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre could be described as a gore-fest rather than a creepy movie, but that wouldn’t do it justice.

In fact, there’s a strong psychological component to the horror, which starts well before the blood starts flying. Released in 1974, this movie actually got banned in several countries because it was deemed so disgusting. It’s certainly not one for the squeamish, but if you can deal with the sight of blood without fainting, then you might get a thrill out of this terrifying but highly entertaining horror flick. The story starts out innocently enough with a group of teenagers driving across America that decide to stop and pick up a hitchhiker. Things soon turn sour when the hitchhike produces a razor and proceeds to slash himself and a member of the group.

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